Reiki Infused Affirmations

You may be wondering, “What are Reiki Affirmations?”

Well, a Reiki Affirmation is a phrase, which is charged with it’s own personal Reiki Crystal of Awakening. It is programmed for a specific purpose and each time you repeat the affirmation verbally for a minimum of 1 minute, the Reiki Crystal will charge the affirmation and you with the specific transmission. Each affirmation is charged with an individual coding matched with the vibration of the words and intention.

The Reiki Crystal of Awakening holds Divine consciousness; information about Reiki: energy, symbols, techniques, all lineages; can be accessed mentally or verbally; can be programmed. It is one of the most powerful gifts of Reiki technology passed down from Dr. Usui, the man who brought traditional, present day Reiki to us.

An affirmation is a positive phrase that one can repeat to change their mental programming, made popular by Louise Hay. The technique works through linguistic programming, whereby it is believed that we can alter our mental patterns through verbal re-programming. The Reiki Crystal takes this technique to the next level. 

I obtain affirmations while in meditation. I simply ask my personal Reiki Crystal to provide me with phrases to uplift and motivate myself and others and to charge these words with their own Reiki Crystal. Therefore, when the affirmations are spoken the Reiki energy encoded within them transmits Reiki to anyone who speaks the affirmation for the duration of the time they are speaking it. Once you stop saying the words, the Reiki energy with subside as well.

Below are a few affirmations I have been given during meditation. You can repeat each to yourself to get a sense of how they work. If you enjoy them and find benefit within the practice, please feel free to continue utilizing these gifts.

Repeat the phrase aloud or at least in a whispered tone, so you are moving your mouth and not simply thinking of the phrase. Repeat the affirmation for at least 1 minute to receive the full energetic impact, and if you like you may continue longer.

You can utilize the Reiki Affirmations before meditation, while walking in nature, doing the dishes or cleaning, at work, driving, pretty much anywhere, anytime; they are extremely flexible. And if you are charged with your own Reiki Crystal you can also create and charge your own.

Here are a few to try out:

I have faith in the Universe to bring me all I need.

I am what I believe. Anything is possible.

I am pure consciousness. All flows through me. With each and every breath I expand and flow.

My process is mine and unique.

I accept peace, love and grace.

I draw wealth and abundance into my life freely and easily.

I am one with Divine love. I am one with Divine love. I am one with Divine love. (courtesy of Brett Bevell who shared with us the Reiki Crystal)

I pray that you enjoy these phrases and utilize them for your health, wealth and happiness. Stay tuned for more!

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