10 Ways to Energetically Protect Yourself

It’s all about intention…

All of life is energy. There is a huge, vast variety of energies everywhere at all times. Some categorize these energies as positive and negative when in fact science states E=mc2. Physics states energy is not made of anything, energy is a term used to describe a trait of matter and non-matter fields. It is also believed that matter is made of particles.

So what is this “negative energy” people are always speaking of? In physics it is a term to explain the nature of certain fields, including the gravitational field and various quantum field effects. Other theories state negative energy is involved in wormholes, which may allow for time travel, warp drives and space travel.

One will hear “negative energy” in the spiritual, energy work, esoteric world, often used to describe a “not so right” feeling. Folks will sometimes say, “S/he has negative energy.” Or you may hear, “This place has a lot of negative energy.” The term negative is referring greatly to the vibration felt. Everything is vibrating at a specific frequency and gross or subtle matter with a low vibration can prompt this “not so right feeling” within us.

Have you ever heard of someone having an entity or negative attachment on them? Have you ever felt like you were being weighed down by a darkness? We are in constant contact with various degrees of energetic matter, this includes and is not limited to waves from your phone, computer, sound frequencies from tvs, music, advertisements, other people, speach being spoken and the intention behind it, environments, crystals, sage, images of angels and destruction, all is there and all has an effect upon our being: body, mind and soul.

Here is a little list of ways to protect yourself…

1. Wear or have a protective piece(s) positioned in your space: necklace, bracelet, ring, belt, head piece – whatever resonates for you. A few high vibrational protection stones: black tourmaline, Tibetan black quartz, rutilated smokey or clear quartz, clear quartz especially with cloudy end, Vogel cut stones or pendants, angel aura, pieces with dragons, shungite, moladvite, columbianite, tektites. Don’t forget to cleanse these beauties every 21 days.

2. Smudge yourself, home, office, car, etc with sage, paolo santo, cedar, sweetgrass, rosemary. Make sure to leave a window/door open during the process. Utilize the power of the mind and set an intention that you are burning these sacreds to remove lower vibrational energy from you/your area. Additionally, ask for a field of protection to surround you and your space.

3. Candles and fire are a fabulous source of low vibrational energy removal. Light candles of white or purple color to draw in the highest vibrational energies to you and your environment. I’m not saying other candles aren’t amazing, AND if you resonate with a specific color as a power color for you, then please, light that candle ablaze! Lower vibrations will not be drawn to this energy and will leave. Purple candles can be lit with the intention of drawing lower vibration frequencies into their flame and ask for the energy to be transmuted into the highest frequency possible for the good of all. White candles call in the light of creator (i.e. the aspect of your true Self, which never changes).

4. Salt, the almighty SALT: sea salt, celtic salt, pink Himalayan salt, even epsom salt, stay away from table salt.

A) Take a bath in 1 – 2 cups of one of the named salts for 20 minutes or scrub yourself GENTLY in the shower with same.

B) Place a cup of salt near the entry door and in the corners of your rooms.

C) Sprinkle salt around the perimeter of your rooms, start at the entry door and proceed counter-clockwise to remove unwanted energies or clockwise to protect and seal in the home. Sprinkle around your entire home, in each and every room, then sprinkle across the doorway to seal.

D) Wash your floors with salt water to give your space a beautiful ion charged atmosphere. This may not be as powerful of a sensation as a salt cave, yet think about the benefits of a salt cave. It is extremely purifying. Try this out and let me know what you feel.

5. Camphor and lemon! Camphor has been utilized for millennia in Indian temples to sanctify the space and remove unwanted frequencies. Place a piece in a metal or clay, fire safe burner, light one small piece and leave it lit, have several small pieces in your other hand, walk the perimeter of your space, clockwise, waving the burner with the burning camphor in it, start from the front door, leave the door open, walk the perimeter of each and every room, adding more camphor as the flame dwindles down. When you get back to the door, cross the threshold horizontally with the camphor and seal in the space. You can allow the camphor to burn out or blow it out with your hand, not your mouth, suggested to allow it to burn out.

Lemon – yes, lemon. Once you have burned the camphor through the house, take a lemon, swipe turmeric across it with your pinky, ring and middle fingers (3 lines), cut it in quarters and place each quarter around the outside of the home in the 4 directions: one quarter to the east, one to the south, one to the west and the last to the north, sealing in the home.

6. Black tourmaline – in the doorway of your home and if possible in the corners of your rooms – especially if you are an energy worker, empath, body worker and a very good idea if you provide services in your home. And of course you can do this in your place of business.

Want to step it up a notch? Utilize black tourmaline or clear quartz points. Place them in each corner of the room, work clockwise. Then you can hammer a couple small nails into the corners of the walls up near the ceiling and place the crystal points upon them as well. All points face towards the middle of the room. Hyper cube it up! Again, cleanse these babies.

7. Water and energetic aura wipe down. When you have finished a session, a treatment, counseling session, attended a gathering, facilitated or attended an event (especially spiritual and expos), provided body work, anytime you feel schmutzed – when your client has left for the day or the event is completed you can sit calmly, place a bowl of clean water in front of you and starting from your feet sweep up your feet to your legs with the palms of your hands and tap the energy you collect off yourself and dispose of it into the water. Continue up your entire body, sweeping with the palms, tapping the energy off into the water, go all the way up your face and back of the head. When you feel clear, dispose of the water. It’s best if you can remove it outside. If you cannot then flush it down the toilet. Wash your hands and have a beautiful clear day!

8. Dragon Breath – to remove unwanted energy within your body. Ok, so this may be difficult to explain. Let me try. First, I discovered this in a Taoist book when I was first offering massage, and it helped me so much. I named it Dragon Breath. I haven’t been able to find it again or the name. I think you’ll understand the name after reading this and trying.

Kneel on the floor and sit on your heels, if this is available to you; otherwise, you can try this seated on a straight backed chair, placing your buttocks towards the middle of the seat, allowing the back to be nice and elongated. So either kneeling or seated, elongate the spine as you take a nice full inhale breath all the way down into the belly. As you exhale, you are going to bend forward a little quickly and exhale the breath out of the mouth, completely and with some force, while drawing the belly upwards towards the spine. Squeezing the belly upwards will assist in removing all the air from the lungs. Your arms are by your side. After exhaling completely, bring your head and chest back to an upright position as you inhale.

Repeat this process until you make a funny sound on the completion of the exhale breath while bending over. This will kind of sound like a forced wheeze, and you will most likely cough directly afterwards. When this happens, you have removed any energies from your respiratory system that do not serve you.

Note: when I first began practicing this, I used to have to perform the breath over 5 times to get to the wheeze/cough. The more aware I became around protection and cleansing, the less breaths I required.

9. Place yourself in a bubble of white/golden light of protection. So we all have this amazing direct connection to Source. We can access this via our 8th chakra. Yes, there are so many more chakras than the 7 we typically speak about. Well, there is this 8th one. Some call it a halo chakra. It is located approximately 8″ above your head. Go ahead an try to touch it with your hands right now. See if you can feel or sense this beautiful energy.

Very simply, we can take our two hands, “grasp” the chakra, and literally pull it down all around our physical body. Bring it down all the way under your feet. You can utilize intention with this to wrap yourself up in your own personal connection with Source. Experience the magnitude of your own energy for an uplift of energy and protection.

10. Golden rays of light. I like to include this one in connection with the white light bubble. I personally create my white/golden light bubble. Then I envision bright, solid, shiniy, gleaming rays of very powerful golden light emanating from my spinal column, out through my physical body, and allow them to come out past the white light. This creates a shield of low vibration deflection.

I enjoy visualizing myself as a golden devi, a statue of sorts. So strong and powerful that absolutely nothing can pass through my shield. Nothing may enter my aura. My gates are closed.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article. There are a plethora of ways to protect yourself and your space. These are just 10 and a few extras. Please do feel free to comment with your thoughts, experiences, questions and definitely feel free to let us know of any other techniques you’d care to share.

Have a beautiful and blissful life!



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