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Take your healing into your own hands with the power of Reiki.

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Our location: Upper East Side, NYC

This Journey Begins with You

Life is about experiencing, learning, mastering ourselves. I invite you to explore Reiki for health, abundance and happiness today!

What does health and happiness look like to you?

Are you ready to learn how to heal yourself? How to accomplish all you want? Do you want to be your best version of you now and always?

Discover Unlimited Beauty Within

Dive into all that you are. Become attuned to the magical world of Reiki. Learn how to harness your connection with the pure consciousness/God/dess/the big bang/the Divine, and heal yourself of physical, emotional, spiritual abuse and trauma. Set yourself free.

Choose Your Offer

From Reiki Treatments with crystals, sound healing and journeying to trainings for Levels 1 through 4 to learning how to speak with your pets and heal them and more.

Kind Words

 “I’ve had to the good fortune to have known Nitya for over 15 years. I have seen her many times as reiki practitioner. In short, she is incredible and one of the finest people I know.”

~ Jim B.

Contact Me for additional information

Nitya 917-805-4437 or

Reiki Attunement & Training

Groups and Privates available in person or virtual. Levels 1-4.

Reiki Treatments

In person or distance Reiki Treatments available. (In person are held in my backyard in a private gazebo.)

Tarot & Mediumship

Ask the cards for answers or to connect with loved ones who have passed on. Or perhaps experience past life regression with Reiki.

Exclusive Offer

Get 10% Off Your First Session

Who doesn’t like a discount? Book with me your first session or training today and receive programmed crystal as well.